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Global car makers show off hundreds of vehicles in China's commercial hub Shanghai on Monday michael kors satchel bag uk , as the world's biggest auto market continues to attract despite a sharp deceleration in sales growth.

Global car makers show off hundreds of vehicles in China's commercial hub Shanghai on Monday Global car makers show off hundreds of vehicles in China's commercial hub Shanghai on Monday Global car makers show off hundreds of vehicles in China's commercial hub Shanghai on Monday

On the sidelines of China's premier auto show, foreign car makers admitted an economic slowdown in the world's second largest economy had taken its toll, but said the market was simply too big -- and important -- to ignore.

"The market will increase less than in former years, but still much higher than in any other relevant automotive market in the world," President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, Jochem Heizmann michael kors hobo bag sale uk , told reporters on Sunday.

"It's still a tremendous market," he said.

Vehicle sales in China reached 23.49 million last year, well ahead of the United States, which it overtook in 2009.

But annual sales growth halved to 6.9 percent last year from 13.9 percent in 2013, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

The slowdown continued in the first three months of this year, when sales rose just 3.9 percent.

However John Lawler michael kors hobo bag uk , Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor China, told reporters on Saturday (Shenzhen: 002291.SZ - news) : "The market continues to grow. We know that the Chinese economy is coming back to the 'new normal' -- about seven percent growth."

China's economy expanded 7.4 percent over last year, the slowest in nearly a quarter of a century.

Among the bright spots is the market for SUVs (sport utility vehicles), one of the fastest growing segments in China.

"There's a lot of opportunity left with the growth for SUVs," said Lawler.

Ford is introducing seven new vehicles in Shanghai, including two SUVs and the Taurus michael kors selma bag sale uk , intended to be its flagship sedan for the China market.

But the "premier" car segment -- which sells for $33,000 to $197,000 -- and the even more pricey luxury market have been slammed by the economic slowdown as well as a more than two-year campaign to crack down on corruption and government waste.

That did not stop Britain's Rolls-Royce from unveiling the new Phantom Limelight in Shanghai for the show, with features including leather-covered accessory boxes and handmade fragrance holders.

Italy's Maserati, a luxury brand of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, hopes to maintain volumes in China after more than doubling sales last year from 2013 to 9 michael kors selma bag uk ,400 vehicles.

"We all know about the slowing down of growth, still significant growth but significantly less than the years before," Maserati CEO Harald Wester told AFP.

"A year of consolidation but I'm still very optimistic," he said.

?WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- American basketball star LeBron James has signed a lifetime contract with sporting goods giant, Nike.

?The contract is believed to be the largest in Nike's 44-year history and it is also the first time that Nike has officially given a lifetime deal michael kors jet set bag uk , local press reported on Tuesday.

?However, Nike didn't disclose the exact terms of the contract.

?According to ESPN, it would be easily more than the 10-year, 300 million dollars contract Nike signed with basketball star Kevin Durant - an Oklahoma City Thunder player.

?"We have already built a strong LeBron business over the past 12 years, and we see the potential for this to continue to grow throughout his playing career and beyond," Nike said in a statement.

?James michael kors hamilton bag sale uk , 30, signed a seven-year, 90 million dollars contract with Nike before he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. In 2010, James re-signed with Nike and reportedly earned as much as 30 million dollars annually.?

SYDNEY, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- Australia has been chosen as the first site in the world to test a portable stroke-diagnosing machine which could greatly help up to 80 percent of patients, it was reported on Wednesday.

The sudden brain traumas usually cause severe physical disabilities and are often fatal.

Fast treatment within four hours is the key to reducing the effects of strokes michael kors hamilton bag uk , but patients have to be transported to hospital for CT scans, and globally many patients are not correctly diagnosed in that time.

Now Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology and the Medfield Diagnostics company have developed a machine which allows paramedics to diagnose patients at the scene - and immediately administer the appropriate treatment.

This could greatly reduce the long-term effects of the stroke, as well as preventing fatalities.

The portable device, called Strokefinder, is a helmet which is placed on a patient's head, and uses microwaves to diagnose whether they have had a blood clot or a bleeding hemorrhagic stroke.

The world-first Australian field trial will see ambulances in the Hunter region north of Sydney equipped with Strokefinders to determine how effective they could be.

"This trial will be the next step in the research and development of the device michael kors bedford bag sale uk , and to see how it performs in the cut and thrust of front line field work," a spokesman for the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) told Xinhua on Wednesday.

"We have excellent existing stroke diagnostic and treatment facilities, so we'll be able to compare existing results with those of the Strokefinder helmets."

"We were also chosen because we are doing world class research in conjunction with China's Harbin Medical University into an anti- blood clotting drug - and the two areas of research go hand in hand."

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