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Is Apple Pay widely available in your city?


I live in Independence, Missouri, one city away from Kansas City. The Midwest hasn’t exactly been the most known to adopt new technologies, but I’ve found that Apple Pay is not as available than I’ve heard in other places. Some places in California seem bombarded with it, and I keep searching for places to use it, because I love it. Keeping track of all my receipts for each card and having the convenience of using cards that I don’t even have with me is a big deal for many. And plus, to many people, it just looks totally cool. But I seem to use it in places that accept it online or in their app a lot more than at physical stores, because stores haven’t adopted it. Some stores in my area even took it away.

What about you? Do you have many places that accept Apple Pay now? And do major cities around you accept it more?

Please help...

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2017-09-26 10:24:02



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