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#1 2017-10-04 04:20:23

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Weird Ethernet Connection problem.


So I have and issue with my ethernet connection which is very weird. I recently got a new PC. I connected my ethernet cable from the old computer it did not work at all but worked on my old PC. I moved my new PC closer to the router and used a Cat 5e cable which worked and the ethernet was connected meaning that it works as it should, but because this setup was inconvenient I just stayed with using WiFi knowing that my ethernet works. Now that I have moved I also have a short, same lenght ethernet Cat 5e cable, but it doesnt work, nor does a brand new Cat 6 cable. The port works when I go to identify the adapter, both lights work correctly and as mentioned, the ethernet worked on the other cable I tested it with before moving. Any idea what may be the case? It shows that the cable is unplugged and the lights don't work when I plug in the cable. This was the case before. But as mentioned it didn't work on 3 cables but on 1, which was the same as the cable I want to use now.

Please help....

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2017-10-04 04:20:23



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