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#1 2017-10-04 04:14:39

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Run RSC Test error for HCK 2.1


I have a question around Run RSC Test in HCK 2.1 for Server 2012R2. This is to run and certify network driver.

Overall, the test passes by Filter ID 1406 being applied to Run RSC Logo test for both IPv4 and IPv6, but the test does not exit gracefully. After running the above 2 sub-phases when it is running the Uninstall RSC Test Light-weight filter subphase, it gets stuck. I have to manually kill the test at that point due to which overall the test status shows failed even though a filter is applied.

The error cause says: Execute Task with Commandline cmd /c Drvinstall -c MS_Coalesce -d coalesce -uninst FAiled with ExitCode c000013a. If I manually run that command it says Component not installed.

The configuration is setup as mentioned in LAN Testing Prerequisites.

Any thoughts on why the test gets stuck on uninstall?

Please help....

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2017-10-04 04:14:39



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