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People attend a Buddha showing ceremony Monday at the Drepung Monastery in Lhasa.
One of the oldest and most popular traditional festivals among Tibetans Cheap Kevin Byard Titans Jersey , the seven-day Shoton Festival, or the Yogurt Drinking Festival (Shoton means Yogurt Banquet in Tibetan), kicked off on Monday.

Celebrated at the start of the seventh month of the Tibetan calendar by Tibetan communities in provinces and regions including Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region and Yunan Province as well as Northwest China's Qinghai and Gansu provinces, the festival was listed as a national level intangible cultural heritage in China in 2006.


Taking form during the mid-11th century, the festival first began as a religious event. According to the customs of Tibetan Buddhism's Gelug Sect, monks are not permitted to leave their temples from 15 to 30 of the sixth month of the Tibetan calendar Cheap Derrick Henry Titans Jersey , a time when insects are growing and thriving, for fear of stepping on these small creatures.

After this period comes to an end, monks are finally allowed to go outside, during which time locals treat them to meals of yoghurt and outdoor banquets, as well as performances of traditional Tibetan Opera.


The festival includes a series of events such as the above-mentioned opera performances, displays of horsemanship Cheap Jack Conklin Titans Jersey , Yak races and ceremonies in which images of the Buddha are displayed, which is why the festival is also known as Buddha-Showing Festival.

Buddha showings usually involve temples showcasing giant Buddha thangka, Tibetan Buddhist paintings on cotton or silk, at certain "Buddha-showing platforms" as a sort of blessing to local practitioners. These ceremonies usually start in the morning around eight or nine o'clock, during which time a covered thangka, some several hundred square meters in size Cheap Jonnu Smith Titans Jersey , is carried onto the viewing platform. As the cover is lifted, people kneel, pray and offer khata - traditional ceremonial scarves - to the Buddha.

This ceremony marks the beginning of the annual Shoton Festival and is usually followed by Tibetan Opera performances.

The performance of operas during the Shoton Festival can be traced back to the late 17th century. Over the centuries performances evolved and now consist of three shows: the Wenba Dun (Appearance Ceremony), Xiong (Episode Show) and Tashi (Ending Ceremony). By wearing wenba (masks), performers play roles such as hunters, princes and magical beings and tell stories about how heroes defeat evil monsters and bring blessings to the people.

Another must-see activity at the event is the Horsemanship and Yak Race Show Cheap Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey , which is often held on the morning of the second day. Different from some international competitions, the horsemanship show is very Tibetan. Audiences watch as six riders standing on horseback form a pyramid and race around the grounds. While the horsemanship show is thrilling, the yak race tends to be more relaxing and amusing because when the whistle blows and the game starts some yaks just decide not to move no matter what their rides do, while others choose to run around aimlessly.

Of course the Yoghurt Banquet wouldn't be complete without snacking on Tibetan yoghurt, which is made from Yak milk. Other traditional food and drink at the festival also includes tsampa (roasted barley flour), butter tea and barley wine.

by Zhou Jun

BRUSSELS Cheap Adoree' Jackson Titans Jersey , Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Security is on high alert once again across Europe following a series of terrorist attacks in Spain and Finland last week. The consistent presence of terrorism reflected an increasingly serious and complex situation haunting Europe.

The double attacks in Spain's Catalonia that claimed 15 lives and injured over 120 others, and the knife attack Finland's Turku were the latest to rub salt into the EU's wound, as France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom still struggle to recover from a number of bloody attacks since 2015.

This year Cheap Corey Davis Titans Jersey , although European countries continued to strengthen the fight against-terrorism, the momentum of terror attacks in Europe has not diminished, but even showed a high trend. Britain, France, Belgium, and even relatively quiet Nordic and southern Europe have suffered waves of terrorism.

"At the moment Cheap Marcus Mariota Titans Jersey , there's an attack every four to six weeks in Europe," Frederic Gallois, the former chief of a French security force, told local media. He added that the international terror groups such as Al-Qaida and Islamic State (IS) deliberately targeted "soft targets" in Europe, or public space with large concentrations of people, as part of their strategy.

Experts said attacks against "soft targets" with high civilian losses can create panic that magnifies the terrorist groups' "cause".

Even if security measures are tightened to prevent a possible attack in symbolic sites around cities Kevin Byard Jersey , experts warned that citizens' safety cannot be guaranteed 100 percent. "Any gathering of people is a soft target and there are crowds everywhere, " Gallois said.

According to Europol's Terrorism Situation and Trend Report published in June this year, the EU is facing a range of terrorist threats and attacks of a violent jihadist nature, from both networked groups and lone actors.

The report pointed out that jihadist actors can be both directed by IS or merely inspired by IS ideology and rhetoric. Jihadist terrorists have been found to use a range of weapons to include bladed weapons, automatic rifles, explosives and vehicles Derrick Henry Jersey , and are expected to continue to do so.

Perpetrators of terrorist attacks in the EU include both foreigners, of whom a number may have resided in the EU for a long time, and nationals who have grown up in the countries they attacked, it further stated.

As for the police, it is an impossible task to monitor thousands of potential suspects who might be terrorism-inspired.

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